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    Specialized Team

    We are a team of dentists, therapist and receptionists who work together to ensure that you receive the best treatment that you require at a very time that suits you.

    Dr Obiora Callistus Osita

    General Dentist

    In charge of all family dental cases ranging from preventive to most invasive procedures like RCT, crown and bridges
    Research interest include the use of Endo Pro technology for vertical Gp compaction during root canal obturation.
    Hobby -Football and singing

    Dr Wisdom Olatunbosun

    General Dentist

    Specialized in management and diagnosis of tooth loss in adult patient both as a result of trauma or congenital absence.
    His research interest include adoption of implant retained bridge for teeth replacement
    Hobby – Reading and Swimming.

    Dr. Obidigbo Samson Nnamdi

    General Dentist

    Dr. Samson has undergone various training in child Occlusion. He uses a combination of invasive and non-invasive approaches in guiding children’s occlusion and teeth eruption while they are growing.
    Dr. Samson equally uses different forms of space maintainers on children’s arches after extraction.
    His research interest is in the effect of serial extractions in the management of moderate crowding of children’s dentition.

    Hobbies- Singing and studying.

    Dr. Somba Chris

    Pediatric Dentist

    Children dentistry including restoration of rampant and early childhood caries is home of Dr Somba.
    His research interest is development of dental home for children with special needs
    Hobby -football and Basketball

    Dr. Chinyere Ututu


    Dr. Ututu is an orthodontist with over 10yrs of practice experience and expertise in the management of all forms of Malocclusion and dentofacial orthopedics.
    Dr. Ututu has a special research interest in interceptive orthodontic treatment in mixed dentition Malocclusion.

    Dr. Ehis Omorogie

    Dental Implantologist

    Dental Implantologist with over 7yrs experience in tooth replacement using implant systems.

    He was trained in the use of Straumann and several American implant systems for tooth replacement.

    Dr. Ehis is currently one of the best implantologist in the country utilizing implant retained Bridgework for the replacement of multiple lost teeth.
    His research interest is in management of Peri-Implantitis.

    Dr.Ohaegbulem Daniel Nmaoma

    General Dentist

    A Tooth replacement expert usedall forms of modern options employed in tooth replacement to facilitate effective mastications, speech, and aestetics for his patients.
    He uses modern flexible and light acrylic to fabricate removable dentures and uses the most bicompatible dental implants for the replacement of single to multiple lost teeth.
    His research interest is methods of enhancing osseointegration in modern dental implants.
    Hobbies-contact sports and swimming.

    Dr. Adima David

    General Dentist

    He is an all-rounded expert in the treatment of diffetent forms of impacted teeth and peri coronal Infections.
    He has trained both locally and internationally in the surgical extraction of all forms of impacted teeth including unerupted teeth with a very high difficult index.
    His research interest is soft tissue management after surgical procedures in Aesthetic zones.
    Hobbies-Watching moves and traveling.

    Dr. Bunu Windale Joseph

    Pediatric Dentist

    An advanced conservative dentist that has devoted his career to advanced training and certifications in the management periapical diseases that can easily leads to tooth loss.
    He emplous the use of post and hard codres to build up a badly carious tooth after root canal treatment.
    He has a special research interest in te pattern and management of periapical infections including life-threatening space infections.
    Hobbies – Reading and singing

    Dr Uzomba Ezinne Udochi

    General Dentist

    Adopts modern technology for pulp therapy in children including carrying out Apexification and Apexogenesis for young permanent teeth
    Research interest including management of dentoalveloar abscess in children
    Hobby -Baking and reading

    Dr Agochi Ken


    Specialize in both removable and fixed appliance including braces and Habbit breakers to correct different forms of malocclusion .
    His research interest involves adoption of modern sequence of serial extraction in children to avoid malocclusion
    Hobby-singing & Reading

    Dr. Joachim Chikezie

    (General Dental Surgeon)

    An experience Dental Surgeon well grounded in minor oral surgery cases. Dr. Joe has devised different treatment approaches, including non-surgical methods, for management of peri coronal abscess resulting infected wisdom teeth.

    His major interest is the non-suture technique in surgical extraction of Wisdom teeth

    Hobby – Reading / TV Games

    Dr Suleimon Gambo Ahmad

    General Dentist

    Dr. Suleiman is a standard figure in the management of grossly broken down teeth. He applies the use of advanced restorative technics in the restoration of most teeth that appear hopeless.
    His research interest is the application of fiber and metal posts for the restoration of grossly fractured teeth.

    Hobbies- Reading and Swimming.

    Dr. Valentine Aroh

    (General/Family Dentist)

    Dr. Valentine has special interest in Endodontics. He specializes in the microsurgeries of infected teeth including the use of wide varieties of endo-loops to manage different forms of apical infections.
    He has performed wide ranges of periradicular surgeries with or without root end filling to save grossly infected teeth.

    His major interest is the use of most recent biomaterials in management of apical infections.

    Hobby – Swimming and Musics.

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